Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Two days back from vacation and I finally have a chance to sit down and recover (and not fold the million loads of lake laundry)/The eight day vacation was somewhat relaxing(during naptimes).  I finished 3 books, made dinner and ate some yummy food on Chopped nights.
So, now that vacation is over, it is time for me to make a list of some things to remember.  If you plan on vacationing at the Lake of the Ozarks, please take note.

13. Thank your youngest sister-in-law for teaching your oldest child new phrases such as OMG.
12. When meeting your caravan at Bass Pro Shop, be sure that they have left before you and not returned to their house three or more times for missing items.
11. If you rent a lake house and decide to rent a boat, make sure that the lake house STILL has a dock.
10. If afore mentioned boat is all ready rented, DO NOT under any circumstances, trust Craigslist.
9. When vacationing with 14 people and expecting a fish fry, be sure that at least 2 people(male and/or female) are willing to clean and skin any catfish that is caught.  Blank stares and pointing are not acceptable.
8. Be sure to make nice with the neighbors who were terrified of the previous renters.  They can (and did) call the cops on you on your way to Big Surf Water Park.
7.If one drain is clogged in the lake house, it won't be long before several of the other sinks start leaking--kitchen, bathroom, etc. etc.
6. DO NOT attempt to potty train any child( let alone 3) under the age of 3 in the lake house.
5. If you do attempt to continue the potty training of three children, make sure the washer and dryer are working for the several thousand mishaps.OOPS!  Some snakes don't make it to the toilet.  In fact, some snakes slide all over the floor and have to be cleaned up by an ill fated vacuum.
4. On the day of returning the rented boat(not from Craigslist), do not freak out about using a dock that was next door unoccupied until that day.  If they haven't said anything for the past three days, chances are they still don't care on the fourth day.  In fact, the people occupying the house probably won't even answer the door.
3. Do not attempt to modify the way Hand and Foot is played.  For some relatives, change is not good.  Red threes were not meant to be thrown on the floor!
2. On the return trip home, make sure all tires are good.  Be sure to notice any bulges that may cause your steering wheel to wobble.  Trust the person that lives out in the "country" to take you to Orscheln's to get a tire change.  Apparently, not all Walmarts have a tire center.
1.  Finally, be sure to update your GPS so it can find your lunch destination on the way home.  If you don't, you may cause bodily harm to the passenger and or driver of the lead car in the caravan.

And that my friends, was the last vacation of the season.  Taylor starts school next week and Josiah the week after.  What am I going to do with all the time on my hands??? I think I got it covered. :o)

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